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You know about the importance of permit-to-work system for your workplace, but you are not familiar with the elements of it. You need help to learn more. 


You know about the importance of PTW system for your workplace, but you are not familiar with its elements. Here are the summarized elements of PTW system that can help you to understand more. 

PTW is a part of a safety and health management system. It is a formal authorisation system used in an organisation to control selected work activities to ensure safe execution onsite. It is a means of hazards communication between plant occupier, PTW authority and PTW user. PTW should be considered whenever there is any work which may adversely affect the safety of personnel, the plant or the environment. They are generally applied to non-routine work activities. In addition to PTW, other precautions should be taken, which may include process or electrical isolation, access barriers, safe method statements, training and others. All these measures are to be identified in the risk assessments before undertaking any work activity. Ultimately, safe execution of work can only be achieved by the combined efforts of those planning for, preparing for, supervising and carrying out the work.


Essential features of a PTW system
  • Clear identification of the types of work requiring PTW 
  • Clear roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in PTW processes 
  • Provision of effective training and clear instructions to all roles involved in the PTW 
  • Proper authorisation of designated work, based on work nature or work of any type within certain designated areas 
  • Clear specification of the necessary safeguards or precautions for a job activity 
  • Site surveillance and supervision of work activities are carried out as intended
  • Conduct of risk assessments and implementation of risk control measures 
  • Complete documentation of the entire PTW system including all procedures, roles and responsibilities, training and arrangements for work activities that may interact or be incompatible with one another. 

It is imperative for occupier/site management to consult parties that will be involved in the PTW when developing the system. This consultative approach enhances ownership, communication and will lead to an effective PTW system.

Roles & Responsibilities 
Occupiers/Site Management

Occupiers/Site Management have the overall responsibility to ensure proper PTW systems are established and implemented. Anyone who is involved in or in connection with any work requiring PTW has the responsibilities and duties under the PTW system. It is important that all parties involved in PTW (employees, contractors, etc) are adequately trained and understand their responsibilities and duties under PTW. The main responsibilities of the occupier/site management are to provide a safe work environment for both employees and contractors, and to ensure adequate safety measures are taken at work.


PTW Authority

The PTW Authority serves the pivotal role of ensuring all the safety precautions of the work activities are in place before permitting the job execution. The primary responsibilities of the PTW Authority are to ensure the site has been properly prepared and the necessary requirements are in place before the authorisation of the permit.


PTW User

The PTW Users, such as contractors, are the parties who execute the work. For the safe execution of work, it is important that the PTW User works closely with the PTW Authority during the application of the permit. In addition, the PTW User must adhere to the conditions stipulated in the PTW at all times when carrying out the work.


Training and Competency

Training provides the foundation for effective implementation of a PTW system. It is important that each person is adequately trained to know the roles and responsibilities and carry them out properly under the PTW system.


Documentation, Communication & Resolution

Effective documentation and communication within the PTW system is extremely essential to ensure transparency, seamless flow of information before, during and after the work.

I hope this information is of use to you and I wish you all the best in the implementation of an effective PTW system in your workplace. 😊

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