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Congratulations for being honest with me and yourself. Digital Marketing in the Occupational Safety & Health Industry is a tough game to play especially at this era where marketer is trying to get the attention of their target audience.

However it is definitely worth it and the only way to go! At least you are clear on what you don’t know, and you are also willing to look for solutions - otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. Now, you simply need to find the right solution, and develop a Digital Marketing campaign to get it going.

The great news is that we can help you to achieve these Digital Marketing principles to grow your business in the occupational safety and health industry!

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It is important to understand that marketing is crucial to a business! Without marketing, there will be no sales, and without sales, there will not be cash flow to maintain the business’s operation.

During this pandemic, the number of internet and social media users multiplied by many folds. Interactions between suppliers and buyers in the business-to-business industry also happen in digital channels. In addition, customers are increasingly learning and buying digitally. 

Research shows buyers typically spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers when considering a purchase. With less customer face time, virtual selling via digital channels will predominate.

You should be creating sustainable digital marketing campaigns that will engage your ideal audience. 

Your marketing campaigns should resonate with the Art of Selling by Not Selling. Nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody wants to buy! 

Many people are making a mistake by having advertisements that talk about their company’s history and the features of their products and services.  

The fact is nobody cares about your company’s history or the features of your products & service! They are primarily concerned with solving their problems. 

Providing content that highlights their problems with solutions in your advertisements will get the attention of your ideal audience in a noisy online world. 

Practice the Halo Effect in your Digital Marketing.

The halo effect exists mainly when you have a positive feeling about an object or person; you assume that all aspects of that person or entity are positive.

You can achieve this by using effective content marketing to show that you are the subject-matter-expert of their problems. Provide quality materials on how to solve their problems and show how renowned you are in the industry. After seeing and reading your articles numerous times on a reputable platform, your ideal audience will positively feel about you. 

Next, capture your ideal audience by creating a Call-To-Action (CTA) Advertisement.  

With so much noise out there, your content must stand out and entice your prospect to give you their contact information. In exchange for your prospect’s contact information, the primary method to do so is to provide them with useful and relevant material that they desire, such as guidelines, checklists, discounts, or infographics.

Finally, nurture your leads and turn them into sales when they are ready to buy.

Then, send them a follow-up email with creative content that give new reasons to message them. 

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Explain a different product benefit

  • Share a new customer case study

  • Demonstrate a different product feature

  • Remind prospects of their current pain and need for your offer

  • Share a new expert endorsement

  • Offer a bonus

  • Give a new piece of education-based-marketing content

  • Elaborate on your main product promise

  • Explain your guarantee or risk-reversal proposition

  • Address a possible purchasing concern or objection

  • Remind prospects of the deadline or reason for urgency

  • Share your product discovery story

  • Remind prospects of the total offer

Never hammer them with sales messages. Instead, have different reasons for why you’re following up.

About Raymond Wat

Raymond Wat is a safety advocate, speaker, trainer, and digital marketer

He is the founder of World of Safety & Health Asia, the only organization in this region to provide an online Marketplace for the occupational safety & health community in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa regions.

As a safety advocate and digital marketing strategist, Raymond is very passionate about his mission of providing an online platform for safety professionals to be up to date with the latest and innovative solutions from the industry. Just like medical practitioners, who need to know the newest vaccine or medicine to administer to their patients, Safety Practitioners need to know the latest solutions available to prevent occupational safety & health accidents in their workplaces! 

Raymond does bespoke digital marketing campaigns for partners who want to be ahead of the competition in the Occupational Safety & Health Industry. He uses his chain of belief in the Art of Selling Without Selling and the Halo Effect, to assist like-minded clients in breaking through the online noise, generating leads and converting them into sales.

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